My Idræt - Mein Bewegungsraum

Programme :


Secteur :

Partenaires :

Deutsch-Luxemburgisches Schengen-Lyzeum (Luxembourg)
Nykøbing Katedralskole (Denmark)

Durée :
du 01-11-2022 au 12-03-2023
Descriptif :

The pupil exchange project between Danish and German pupils aimed at teaching the pupils lifelong sports participation, active lifestyles, health prevention and intercultural learning. Through joint sports activities and the exchange about sports cultures, the pupils were encouraged to do sports regularly and to live a healthy life. They learned German and English to communicate their needs for physical activity spaces. In addition, the project promoted democratic thinking and active participation by building sports facilities at both schools, in the planning of which the pupils were involved. The project facilitated intercultural exchange and strengthened long-term relationships between the pupils.

Activités :

Activity 1: Collaborative creation of a project logo using ICT
Activity 2: Self experience and inclusion of local based Idræt activties
Activity 3: Democratic learning/participation: pupils’ needs of my Idræt
Activity 4: The influence of architecture on sport in an urban context – Idrætsforbund (DGI)
Activity 5: Visit to the German Sporthochschule: career opportunities in the field of sport and health education
Activity 6: Olympic Museum: the development of the recreational sports movement and its importance for social health education
Activity 7:Discussion and expression of the pupil’s needs for spaces for physical activity with the mayor of Perl about the upcoming construction of the local sports park.

Produits :

Impacts :

Pupils deepened their language skills and improved their general skills in communication, collaboration and creativity.
Pupils gained insights into the Danish and German sport and life culture, which deepened their competences in the field of interculturality. Through playing and experiencing sports together, communication and cooperation were also improved.
Pupils learned the basics of democratic governance in the local context. They improved their language skills using the method of discussion.
Pupils learned the basics of architectural design of sports facilities in an urban context. Through shared content and tactile engagement, pupils improved their creativity and collaboration.
Pupils gained insight into career and study opportunities in the field of physical and health education.
Pupils gained insight in the development of the recreational sports movement and its importance for social health education.

Perspectives :

The continuation of the school partnership with the Nykøbing Katedraskøle in the coming school year 2023/24 with the implementation of a joint pupil exchange project on the topic of physical education and sustainability is planned.

Galerie :

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