Silvia Viana

Fonction : English teacher

Organisation : Lunex University

Témoignage : The course lasted five days, Monday to Friday in the mornings. The coach proposed very interesting activities every day. We interacted a lot. It was great because I had the chance to practice the language with other teachers, most of whom were English teachers like myself. Coming from different backgrounds and countries allowed us to exchange our knowledge in a very interesting way.

In the afternoons and evenings, we could visit the gorgeous city of Florence which has so much to see.

Europass Teacher Academy offered a guided walking tour in the historic centre on Wednesday afternoon, and also a visit to the vineyards in Sienna, not far from Florence. We went there by bus on Saturday morning.
The whole experience was fantastic.

Personally, I learned a lot about myself and how to have a better life.

Professionally, I learned how to decrease stress and how to face challenges more peacefully.

All in all, it was a fabulous experience that I recommend to everyone, and I'm definitely going to repeat it!


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