STORYLINES - Storytelling for competitiveness in European enterprises

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Secteur :

Éducation et formation des adultes

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Partenaires :

Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese (Luxembourg)
Fatti di Storie (Italy)
Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe (Belgium)
The Hive – FVB (Italy)
BIC Innobridge (Bugaria)

Durée :
du 01-10-2018 au 30-06-2021
Descriptif :

Storytelling is not usually taught in institutional learning places as a career opportunity. The Storyteller is quite a new profession and does not typically have a training background. This project aimed therefore to provide the basis for a new professionalism based on storytelling for SMEs (small & medium sized enterprises), in response to the new challenges in the marketing and communication field.
In particular, the project aimed to:
1. Lay the foundations for a change in awareness of the need for a new professional figure as that of the Corporate Storyteller;
2. Create a training able to support SMEs in their marketing and branding strategies;
3. Increase the quality of training materials for future jobs in order to give better opportunities to unemployed people, students and SMEs through the methodology and the contents of the project;
4. Improve the competitiveness of EU companies by providing a new training for the creation of a new professionalism.

Activités :

The STORYLINES partnership has produced a series of teaching materials to help entrepreneurs use storytelling within their company and to assist young unemployed people in learning a fundamental skill allowing them to compete in the labour market.
The activities carried out within the project allowed to:
– Outline the characteristics of the professional figure of the corporate storyteller, a figure increasingly requested by companies because of its usefulness for the promotion and narrative dissemination of their own history and production;
– Set up a European platform of best practices in corporate and entrepreneurial storytelling;
– Train narrative skills in young Europeans in order to help those who are struggling to enter the labour market.

Produits :

The three Intellectual Outputs of the project are freely accessible on the project website – – and they are:
– an interactive map exploring the best cases of Corporate Storytelling in Europe;
– an ideal CV of skills and competences of the Corporate Storyteller;
– a free training course for Corporate Storytellers.

Impacts :

The project is relevant not only for those who want to embark on a professional career, but also for adult learners who want to learn more about corporate storytelling, skills that are becoming more and more decisive in today’s world.
The STORYLINES project also influenced the participating organisations. Indeed, project partners had the rare possibility to share best practices, national and personal methodologies, innovative skills, and wide networks. The project results impacted work procedures of its beneficiaries, by giving companies an in-depth overview of the role of the corporate storyteller, and of the great potential of this professional figure for the communication of a company.

Perspectives :

The partnership considers STORYLINES a first attempt to fill the gap in corporate storytelling. Indeed, a more advanced training course could be built upon the project results to provide more accurate knowledge on how to do corporate storytelling in specific businesses or sectors. Moreover, the intellectual outputs were created to empower other organisations willing to replicate STORYLINES results in other countries or contexts. In this way, the partnership believes that a larger impact can be achieved in the long term, and even after the end of the project.

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