WINGS - Well-being Improvement for New Generations at Schools

Programme :

Secteur :

Enseignement scolaire

Action clé :

Action clé 2

Partenaires :

Deutsch-Luxemburgisches Schengen-Lyzeum Perl (Luxembourg)
Colegio Nuestra Señora de Monte-Sión (Spain)
Gimnazjum im. Mikolaja Siemiona wKrzczonowie – (Poland)
Ruukinkankaan koulu (Finland)

Durée :
du 01-09-2018 au 31-08-2021
Descriptif :

The WINGS project is seen as a common meeting place, where our six partner schools from around Europe have the possibility to share information and work collaboratively on the improvement of different types of well-being of our pupils:


Further goals of the WINGS project are the improvement of the pupils’ English and intercultural competences as well as the development of the young peoples’ European citizenship feeling.

Activités :

One short staff training event and five pupil exchange activities have been implemented. During the 1st pupil exchange activity the focus has been laid on the general wellbeing notion and the pupils’ current wellbeing status has been assessed, compared and analysed. While the participants concentrated on the improvement of well-being at school at the 2nd exchange activity by developing prevention campaigns against school violence and action protocols and creating mediation groups. Further exchange activities with the pupils were devoted to real life counselling and they inter alia dealt with subjects as:

– “Your FAKE-book, INSTA-gram, TWITter life should never be better than your real one”

– “Make the most of your mistakes & Let’s believe in ourselves”

– “We are what we eat & Just do it!!! “

The sixth pupil exchange meeting  was postponed to 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.

Produits :

-Healthy eating habits cookbook
-Wellbeing Surveys and reports
-Video ads: Physical exercise benefits and Local Sports&Games eGuide
-TEDx like talks on mental wellbeing
-eManual: How to control anxiety before and during exams
-Comic and YES/NO video-ads on “Want to improve social skills? Try to … and say I love U”

-School violence prevention campaigns

-Mediation case studies


Impacts :

The improvement of pupils’ learning motivation, their self-confidence, academic performance and behaviour. The development of the pupils’ social skills through transnational team work and cooperation as well as the diminution of their social exclusion risk. Their sharpened consciousness for the importance of healthy eating habits and physical exercise to enhance their wellbeing. The improvement of the pupils’ English language and their intercultural skills. The involvement of the pupils’ families in their children’s wellbeing education. The strengthening of the international collaboration of our schools and established reliable school partnerships in Europe.

Perspectives :

The school internal and external dissemination of the project’s results. The involvement of the entire teaching staff and the pupils’ families to establish a healthy, active lifestyle among young learners.
The use of the learning outcomes, productions and experiences for forthcoming international collaboration projects and for classes at school.
The continuation of the collaborative work with the partners in forthcoming European projects.

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