WomInCreativePower (WICP)

Programme :


Secteur :

Éducation des adultes

Action clé :

Action clé 2

Partenaires :

Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Durée :
du 01-10-2020 au 30-09-2022
Descriptif :

The WICP project aims at supporting the full integration of migrant and refugee women into their receiving communities by investing in the development of skills related to entrepreneurship and to the creative sector.

Along those lines, the project aimed at promoting in local and European contexts:
– linguistic and socio-cultural orientation suitable to enter the labour market in creative sectors
– exchange of experiences and creative skills
– the fostering of a network of contacts among migrant and refugee women and local women/women integrated into the receiving communities
– the increased capability of women in business and entrepreneurship skills.

Activités :

Within the framework of the project, we implemented the following activities:
– mapping and analytical research gathered in a final report, which identified the needs of migrant and refugee women
– mentorship training format for entrepreneurial and business skills to improve the ability of migrant and refugee women to undertake self-employment initiatives
– tandem training format aimed at encouraging collaboration and co-creation in an interactive manner to develop creative, linguistic and socio-cultural skills
– the elaboration of 20 videos that reflected the stories of women
– the elaboration of a board game, which can be used to support the integration process of migrant and refugee women
– multiplier events.

Produits :

The project deliverables are an international report on the needs of migrant and refugee women in these sectors, a mentorship training for entrepreneurial and business skills, a report paper and manual guide for prospective women entrepreneurs, a mentorship program, a tandem training format for collaboration and co-creation and guiding material for the tandem training program.

Additionally, the project provided a sociocultural and linguistic orientation guide, a comprehensive report on the testing phase of tandem training, 20 videos that showcase the stories of migrant women and a board game.

Impacts :

The WICP project had a significant impact on building strong support networks between migrant women, local entrepreneurs and local women. It resulted in increased knowledge and awareness of entrepreneurship tools in the cultural and creative field at the local level. The research and needs analysis of migrant women in partner organisations’ countries contributed to a mapping process of the labor market and social integration. The mentorship programme built on the research, resulting in amplifying knowledge and self-awareness about migration, social norms, entrepreneurial tools, and mentoring methods. The tandem training contributed to all the goals above by promoting the social exchange of creative skills and forming a support network. The project had a very positive impact on expanding social and professional networks, enhancing skills, improving businesses, broadening social networks and providing practical tools.

Perspectives :

All partners created an informal network of migrant and local women with an emailing list, and they are sharing and exchanging networking events for business and social networking outside of the WICP program, which is continuously active. An example can be the interest towards the board game from different countries in order to translate and use it in social initiatives. All partners are part of social media groups where the communication is ongoing, and we can see organised meetings and workshops. Besides, all the outputs created are uploaded to online platforms, which will be available after the end of the project. The website of the WICP project will ensure that the work done by the partnership will last and that interested researchers and youth workers can use them for new activities targeting migrant and refugee women.

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