Youth Information Knowledge Multipliers - Trainers' Seminar

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Partenaires :

European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) – Luxembourg
Bundesnetzwerk Österreichische Jugendinfos – Austria
Zajednica informativnih centara za mlade u
Hrvatskoj – Croatia
Estonian Youth Work Centre – Estonia
Koordinaatti – Nuorten tieto- ja neuvontatyön
kehittämiskeskus – Finland
Creativitas – Lithuania
Agenzija Zghazagh – Malta
Instituto Portugues do Desporto e
Juventude – Portugal
Zavod MISSS – Slovenia
Agencia Catalana de la Juventud – Spain
Mladiinfo International – North Macedonia

Durée :
du 01-09-2018 au 28-02-2019
Descriptif :

The aim of the project “Youth Information Knowledge Multipliers – Trainers’ Seminar” was to enable the sharing of knowledge and the development of youth information (YI) training in Europe, as well as to increase youth information trainers’ capacities through the seminar’s programme. The project’s main activity was organised in Luxembourg city, Luxembourg, between 10-14 December 2018 and it contributed to the operation of high quality youth information and counselling services in Europe.

The main goal of the project was to provide continuous professional development for trainers in the youth information and counselling sector, and to motivate them for training delivery. From a broader perspective, the project also aimed at delivering higher quality youth information and counselling services through well-trained professionals. This leads to supporting the empowerment of young people, which then prevents their exclusion from society and assists them in finding the way out of the overflow of information available everywhere.

The objectives of the project were the following:
– exchanging methods and knowledge between trainers;
– supporting educational, social and cultural exchange of trainers due to diversities within youth information work in Europe;
– introducing the new eLearning opportunities offered by ERYICA;
– discussing proposals for managing the trainers’ pool and the update of training course content; and
– developing an effective and sustainable trainers network.

Activités :

The main activity of the project was the Youth Information Trainers’ Seminar, which was dedicated to reach the above mentioned aims and objectives. A total of 28 participants and experts came to Luxembourg from 10 other countries, Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, North Macedonia, Malta, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, to participate actively for four days in the seminar programme aimed to support discussions, exchange and relevant inputs, as well as joint conclusion making about existing European youth information training support, the creation of an effective youth information trainers network, quality building in youth information training programmes and new technological developments in the eLearning field.

Produits :

On the local level, participants have become well-trained youth information trainers, who possess freshly updated skills and knowledge of different methods, as well as of new eLearning developments and other novelties in the youth training field in Europe.
The regional and national levels will experience similar effects, with the addition of having trainers, who can further disseminate courses with improved and refreshed knowledge and skills, and train more youth information workers.
On the European level, the project contributes to the development of youth information and counselling as a profession.

Impacts :

The impact on participants was particularly focused on their further development as trainers in the youth information field. They had the opportunity to gain new skills, familiarise themselves with new methods, try new developments and share the latest progress in the training sector. The development of the seminar’s programme was needs based, therefore the content matched the needs and expectations of the participants.
The knowledge, competences and skills they obtained during the seminar will have a long-term impact in youth services, as well as in the organisations they were representing. The partner organisations increased the professionalism of their colleagues and therefore their capacity to deliver cutting edge training for youth (information) worker staff. This translates to better services to the end users, young people – a major aspect of all our projects and development processes.

Perspectives :

Most project partners are members of the ERYICA network, therefore continuous professional cooperation is ensured. This is envisaged to cover professional development projects, creation of new tools for youth information and counselling work and sharing good practice, among others. Furthermore, as a concrete result of the present project, cooperation among certain project partners, bilaterally or multilaterally, has been boosted.

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