Toma Bogdan

Fonction : Volunteer

Organisation : Lisel

Témoignage : Hello, people. I am Bogdan Toma and I always knew that volunteering is a part of me. As a young volunteer, before participating in a European Solidarity Corps activity, I organised a lot of activities and I had a lot of fun, but this work was just some hours per week or during some days per week in special times. When I have a look back at my beginnings in this field from my current position as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer, who has actually been working for a year in an NGO, I feel more grown up. I enjoy seeing myself developing and still sticking to a project or idea after years. This European Solidarity Corps volunteering project is the biggest work experience that I had so far, and it makes me so happy that I chose to go to the project of LISEL in Luxembourg, I feel so lucky having a great team to work with that is supported by people who are the best in their fields. In my future life, I would do my voluntary service here again. The LISEL team is working for and with students and my task was to do follow up on this work. At LISEL I can be myself and the organisation is growing with each new pair of volunteers they host and maybe this is what makes it so special besides its amazing coordinator, Edith.


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