The People in our History - You Can Be a Hero, too!

Programme :


Secteur :

Partenaires :

Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie – Luxembourg
Agrupamento Verde Horizonte – Mação, Portugal
Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Siemianowicach Śląskich, Poland
İsmayilli şəhər 5 saylı tam orta məktəb – Ismayilli, Azerbaijan
Innovatief secundair onderwijs GO! Het Kompas – Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Γυμνάσιο Λατσιών – Gymnasium Latsia, Cyprus
JU OS Duboki Potok – Srebrenik, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Osnovna škola Dalj – Dalj, Croatia
Základní škola a mateřská škola Hranice, Šromotovo, příspěvková organizace – Hranice, Czech Republic
OU”Dame Gruev” – Bitola, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Collège Georges Desnos – La Ferté-Bernard, France
Oberschule Rosche – Schule an der Wipperau, Germany
IISS “Jacopo da Montagnana” – Montagnana (Pd), Italy
Palsmanes pamatskola – Smiltenes Novads, Latvia Klaipėdos Vydūno gimnazija – Klaipėda, Lithuania
Hubertus Berkhoff Culinaire Vakschool, Netherlands
Runni Ungdomsskole – Årnes, Norway
Liceul Teoretic „Stefanesti” Floresti – Floresti, Republic of Moldova
Liceul “Atanasie Marienescu” – Lipova, Romania OS Jelica Milovanovic – Сопот / Sopot, Serbia
OŠ Elvire Vatovec Prade – Koper, Slovenia
IES La Eria – Oviedo, Spain
Karakoçan Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi – Karakoçan, Turkey
Lyceum of Zhovti Vody – Zhovti Vody, Ukraine

Durée :
du 01-02-2019 au 30-06-2019
Descriptif :

The pupils were able to:

  • learn about the lives of people who had a significant role in the history and the culture of each country
  • use different Web 2.0 tools to create outcomes about the different historical personalities discussed in class
  • meet new friends from abroad, have fun and interact with them by playing games relating to the different important people and by writing e-mails to each other
  • use the English Language for a real purpose and become aware of the importance of knowing foreign languages to be able to communicate with people of the same age and with the same interests
  • get confident in using English for communicative purposes.

Activités :

The pupils:

  • present themselves, their school, their town and their country by posting photos and descriptions and creating videos by using apps like BookCreator and Padlet
  • find out about important people who had a significant role relating to the subjects they study at school (Science, Maths, Physics, etc.)
  • create presentations of the important people with different outcomes like texts and videos in a padlet
  • create a logo for the project, a “Kahoot” game about their characters, post their work on Twinspace and evaluate the project with “answergarden”
  • connect with each other via forum to find e-pals and write e-mails to each other to get to know more about each other’s country and culture.

Produits :

The pupils:

  • learnt about their national culture and heritage and about the history of the subjects they learn at school
  • discovered the culture and national heritage of the partner countries
  • interacted with partners from other countries
  • learnt how to work with different Web 2.0 tools and create outcomes with them, thus developing their web skills
  • wrote e-mails to each other to get to know partners better and other cultural characteristics.

Impacts :

One of the most important results for my teaching practice was to be able to integrate more technology into my lessons, especially since the 7th grade is an iPad class and the use of the iPad should be integrated into the lessons. The pupils learnt to use apps like BookCreator, Kahoot or Padlet. They were very happy to use several new programs, because until then they had only used Word.
Through this research the pupils have gained an important and clear insight into the work of the different personalities in our country. The result in the form of the padlet shows a variety of creativity, political power, industrial importance as well as broad knowledge, all of which are important on a national and European level. In addition to all the opportunities the pupils improved their language skills, soft skills and technological abilities.

Perspectives :

For me the most successful outcome for the future was to watch pupils gain confidence in their abilities and their courage while enjoying the lessons. This project was also the means to get to know partners for future projects.

Galerie :

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